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RE;Write Your Story

Re;Designed Apparel is the story of following a life long dream of owning and operating a business.  The name was born out of a desire to tell our story.  "Re" means to do again, and the ";" mark means to pause, then continue on...

We at Re;Designed Apparel believe that when life throws hard times your way, God can take those broken pieces and redesign them into something beautiful.  Although we print designs on brand new shirts, its also our desire to redesign and use shirts that would normally be considered rejects and unusable.  In fact, it is our vision to release a line of redesigned shirts and other apparel as our business grows.  

We create designs of our own, but we also welcome the opportunity to print designs that have been created by our clients.  We also have a vision to work with artists who want an opportunity to see their artistic creations on shirts and other apparel.  

Feel free to browse our online store to see our latest creations.  We thank you for your support, and may God bless you!

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